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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Feature: The Little Store

One of the Dayton North treasures is The Little Store, owned by celebrated blues musician and wine enthusiast, Eric Jerardi.

If by chance you catch Eric while he's not on tour, you are in for a double treat.

The first treat is that his wine selection is superb. Folks who appreciate wine travel from Columbus and Cincinnati to choose wine from his selection. Those of us who are more casual about our wine selections can appreciate it as well, knowing the selection of wines he has from the particular variety of grapes we like is a good representation of how that wine should taste. In otherwords, I've not purchased a wine from the Little Store that I did not enjoy.

The second treat is getting to discuss wine with someone who really knows his stuff yet does not require his customers to be scholarly on the subject. Eric speaks freely of the wine, where he bought it, and his impressions. Eric has personal knowledge on every wine he sells because he does not purchase any wine that does not meet his standards.

I don't know wine, but I feel very comfortable with asking Eric questions and revealing my ignorance because he responds with a smile and the information that I need to make a right choice.

Eric Jerardi tours the world playing music, tasting wine, and bringing his art in wine and music back home. He stops in from time to time and eats some sushi with us.

If you are not from the north side of Dayton, now you have two very good reasons to visit. One, wine from Eric Jerardi's Little Store and two, a fine dining experience here at Mr. Lee's.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fine Dining in Dayton

Dayton, Ohio is home of some of the most noteworthy American inventors and entrepreneurs. To many, Dayton is the heart of innovation. Dayton, Ohio is also a tough audience. Daytonians are not easy to impress - nor are they easy to please. They are constantly looking for improvements and pressing forward.

Mr. Lee's mirrors that spirit as a restaurant.

Not part of a chain, Peter Lee boldly entered the Dayton market on a unique quest to raise the standard of fine dining with an Asian cuisine. Dayton, which in many people's estimation has some very impressive restaurants, is not an easy place to start. Jay's, The Pine Club, and L'Auberge come to mind of this old Daytonian. And I remember the King Cole, Annarino's, and Anticoli's when it was on Salem Avenue. These are, and were, places to dine with a unique blend of service, entrees, and decor that endears themselves to their patrons.

Hi, I'm Paul Farrier. President of ParaKlesis Consulting Services and I have acquired Mr. Lee's as a client to help the proprietor, Peter Lee and his establishment connect with our greater Dayton community.

Peter wants to be a more lively part of the community and do more than just provide fine dining experiences. He is appreciative of his good neighbors which includes his peers, his vendors, and most of all his patrons.

This blog will help do that in some small way - and that is to keep his dining customers informed and more directly involved in his growth.